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4Rhythm - Maniac 2018 (ft Sarah Reeve n Aneta Moran) RedSky Music (Trance)

Tracks 19.01.2018 REMIXES



New mixes and some of the 90's plus 00's mixes of 4Rhythm's "Maniac". Ireland's biggest selling creation of electronic music which held for 10 weeks at #1 in the summer of 2000. The original artist-producer has been cajoled to freshen the hit up with some more mixes, plus add some of the various incarnations as a 2018 package for sale online to give the track's passionate fans another go round the fairground of being free to dance all night into the next day and carry on by piling into their cars to place where the powers couldn't get to stop them.

A lot of today's big brands came out of this era because it opened up young minds to the possibility of making their own way rather than heading into a life owned by big local business. People lifted their heads up to see new horizons because of music like "Maniac". Using the fairground analogy again now it's a bumper-car arena as they walk into each other over and again whilst staring down into their phones. Thank the Gods of music that we had the 90's and still remember them. These moments help !

4Rhythm ft Shelley Bukspan - Maniac (
1995 Sound Crowd Remix 10A 138 Big Room Piano

4Rhythm ft Sarah Reeve - Maniac 2018 
(Epic Mix 10A 138 Trance

4Rhythm ft Sarah Reeve n Aneta Moran - Maniac 2018 
(Sebastian Sax Mix 10A 128 Club House

4Rhythm ft Shelley Bukspan - Maniac 95 
(Legend Session 10A 138 Big Room Piano

Release date and Retail links – Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Traxsource etc: Feb 14, 2018 General Digital release, March 17th Limited Vinyl release.


4Rhythm ft Sarah Reeve n Aneta Moran - Maniac 2018 (Sebastian Sax Mix 10A 128 Club House

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