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Agency - Backwards - Anticodon Recs (Piano Hse-Progressive Hse)

TRACKS (New) Club Dance, Electronic Lounge, Piano House, Progressive Electronic, RECOMMENDED, REMIXES

Piano House, Deep Progressive, Club House. Electronic Lounge, Electro Step


The Noel Sanger remixes of the Agency "Backwards" release are true progressive remixes in the sense of the original genre which expresses itself with a deeper intention than today's hybrid of EDM. Noel's Club and Dub mixes are exceptional on this song for Agency, a Kings favorite act. Dan Thomas's remixes are piano house and club house with his super clean sounding production in tact. The electronic lounge remixes from Nathan D'Allen and the Bad Space Monkey are real 2017 productions that evoke deeper consideration and the Zerp Remix at 125 bpm is a Electro Stepping feeling over a straight 4 to the floor beat you'd expect from a production at the bpm range. From the politically charged album RESIST out August 2017.

As always on Anticodon Records a quality lead set of remixes from an intelligent attitude towards the growth of the act. Proudly presented by KINGS...

Agency - Backwards 
(Noel Sanger Club Mix 1A 121 Deep Progressive

Agency - Backwards 
(Noel Sanger Dub 1A 121 Deep Progressive

Agency - Backwards 
(Dan Thomas Future Bounce Rmx 1A 126 Piano House

Agency - Backwards 
(Dan Thomas Future Bounce Instr Rmx 1A 126 Club House

Agency - Backwards 
(Zerp Remix 2A 125 Electro Step

Agency - Backwards 
(Nathan DAllen Remix 1B 100 Electronic Lounge

Agency - Backwards 
(Bad Space Monkey Remix 8A 100 Electronic Lounge

Retail: 14 July 2017
Remix EP out on 16 March 2017
Traxsource Exclusive Release 30 June 2017

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