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Agency - Cruel Joke (Remixes) - Anticodon (Percussive - Tropical House)

Tracks 25.06.2018 New USA release, REMIXES



PERCUSSIVE HOUSE - TROPICAL HOUSE Agency continue their prolific output with "Cruel Joke" reworked brilliantly by DJ Zerp. Original version of Cruel Joke is from Agency’s upcoming LP called “future, yesterday”. Released on Anticodon Records 29 June - Recommended by Kings.

Agency - Cruel Joke (Zerp Extended Remix) 
- All - 123 Percussive House

Agency - Cruel Joke (Bam Bam Remix) 
- 8A - 122 Tropical House 
instagram: @the_world_of_agency


Agency - Cruel Joke (Zerp Extended Remix) - All - 123 Percussive House

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