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Agency - Salute (Anticodon) Afro House-Club House

Tracks 16.04.2019 #AFRO HOUSE, #CLUB HOUSE, #WAVs + MP3s, **GOING FOR AIRPLAY**


AFRO HOUSE - CLUB HOUSE - WAVs + MP3s. Loving the subtle Afro House original mix which is perfect for those up and coming beach bar sets. Then later in the wee small hours crank it up with the Dan Thomas remixes running at 126 bpm. Agency is definitely an act that doesn’t shy away from social issues and here they tackle the discrimination and immigration in this highly infectious tune from the critically acclaimed album ALARM. Proud to be represented on Kings.

Agency - Salute (Dan Thomas House Mix) - 7A - 126 Club House 

Agency - Salute (Dan Thomas Radio Edit) - 7A - 126 Club House 

Agency - Salute (DrewG. Remix) - 7A - 128 Club House 

Agency - Salute (Original) - 7A - 125 Afro House



AGENCY "ALARM" album live on SPOTIFY


Agency - Salute (Original) - 7A - 125 Afro House

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