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Akinwale James - Songs From Alafia (Peace) The Album (Afro Jazz Pop)

Tracks 11.11.2018 Afro Funk, Afro-Pop, AfroBeat, Jazz


AFRO JAZZ POP SOUL - KINGS RECOMMENDED - Quality music, like great food, is something we aficionados can never get enough of and if you have that passion you'll hear "Simi Dele" and "Malibongwe Highway" by Akinwale James and register the wonderful steel guitar playing melodies, vocals plus sense of honesty he delivers with his songs.

I could sit watching the sunset in California, Ibiza, Australia, anywhere and know that I'm loving this moment hearing "Simi Dele" with its Sahara African Blues Guitar. Three songs and Akinwale's bio in the zip. Give the guy your ears with his Songs From Alafia (Peace) release - out on iTunes 11th November. Recommended by Kings fully as great music...

Akinwale James - Simi Dele 
- 10A - 130 Afro Jazz Pop

Akinwale James - Malibongwe Highway
- 8B - 125 Afro Jazz Pop

Akinwale James - Genocide
- 11A - 113 Afro Jazz Pop

Twitter: @akinwale006

SimiDele - isrc code ZA-K28-18-00434
Malibongwe Highway - isrc code ZA-K28-18-00300
Genocide - isrc code ZA-K28-18-00436

COMPOSER / WRITER - Akinwale James Koleosho


ALBUM teaser



Akinwale James - Simi Dele - 10A - 130 Afro Jazz Pop

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