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Andre Xcellence - Hava Tequila - XcellentMusic-Priority-Capitol-UMG

Tracks 28.05.2018 ON RELEASE NOW


SUMMER PARTY POP R&B - WAV included - Andre Xcellence!'s "Hava Tequila" could have been George Clooney's theme for his hot selling Tequila 'Casamigos' if he hadn't sold it for $1 Billion - so it will be open to one of these Top 10 (below) to hit Andre up for the rights to "Hava Tequila" party. The Jose Cuervo sells over 3.18 million (9 liter cases) a year Andre so don't sell your music cheap as 1 cent per a 9 litre case is $30'000 in return. "HAVA TEQUILA" indeed. Have some fun, summer is HERE....

Top Selling Tequila's
#1 Jose Cuervo
#2 Patron
#3 Sauza
#4 1800
#5 Juarez
#6 Familia Camerena
#7 Montezuma Tequila
#8 El Jimador
#9 Don Julio
#10 Margaritaville

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Andre Xcellence - Hava Tequila - 4A - 79 Party Pop

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