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ANI - Dance The Night Away (Remixes) DelOro-AHM (HOUSE)





Guatemalan-born & Hawaiian-raised up-n-coming young artist, ANI, is extremely GRATEFUL for ALL the positive feedback & LOVE from the KOS Panel of DJs-- she sends her heartfelt THANKS!! The 18-year old diva-in-training DEBUTS on the Billboard Club Songs Chart @Debut50* with her Latin-infused debut club track (which she co-wrote) entitled, "Dance The Night Away", produced by Award-winning producer, Robert Eibach!! Ani draws from her 3 major childhood idols, i.e., Gloria Estefan, Selena, and the immortal "Sex & The City" character, Carrie Bradshaw to mold & shape her career launch with a passionate call to the nightlife, with an unstoppable energy (accompanied by some conga & HOUSE beats)!

We're EXCITED to share the NEW Part2 Remix Campaign with ALL of you, as there's some definite STELLAR mixes from C-ROD, SECRET SQUIRRELZ, DUNKMODA, NITEMOVER, DJ ALAN bd, and a fierce MASHUP mix from producer, ROBERT EIBACH, which teams Ani with the TECHNOTRONIC classic, "Pump Up The Jam" (Special THANKS to Eddie Gordon for that GENIUS inspiration!)!

In addition to those HOT New Mixes, we've also got a BRAND NEW Remix Video from Barry Browder (which is re-edited to the DJ CHRIS Z Remix)-- be SURE to WATCH it! HIGHLY Recommended by KINGS!

ANI - Dance The Night Away 
(Secret Squirrelz VIP Guest List Mix 8A - 124 House
ANI - Dance The Night Away 
(DJ ALAN bd Trippy Hse Mix 8B - 124 Trippy Hse
ANI - Dance The Night Away 
(Robert Eibach Pump Up the Jam MashUp Mix 5A - 128 Classic Club
ANI - Dance The Night Away 
(C-ROD Rhythm Method Mix 8A - 128 Future House
ANI - Dance the Night Away 
(DunkModa Remix 8A - 128 Future House
ANI - Dance The Night Away 
(Nitemover Mix 8A - 125 Club Dance

Barry Browder Remix Video(re-edited to DJ CHRIS Z Mix
Official Video (edited to Robert Eibach Quick Hit Mix):
YouTube Link:

Connect with ANI via Social Media:
Instagram: @anisings1
Twitter: @anisings1

Single is available on beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify

Born in Guatemala and raised on the island of Maui, 18-year-old singer, Ani, has been heavily influenced by her childhood idols Gloria Estefan, Selena Quintanilla, and the immortal “Sex in the City” character, Carrie Bradshaw—by watching her perform, you can easily see how these 3 major influences have shaped her music and her image.

The lavender-haired, high-heel stepping, Latin, pop/dance up-n-comer also has her own unique vocal stylings that have gained her notice and awards at local and national competitions, festivals and other events. As a younger teen, she performed at many Pride festivals and Local County Fairs, where she’s not only honed her individual artistry by performing her own songs, but also remained active as a solo performer, by including, singing and dancing to her favorite songs from her idols, Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Demi Lovato and, of course, Selena Quintanilla.

The teen vocalist, musician and performer is “living the dream” and excited for whatever comes next. “I always want to be clubbing and dancing – where my songs and performances will gain notice and garner attention regionally, nationally and eventually worldwide,” she said, of her future hopes and goals. Music became her total passion, even though her mom wanted her to become a softball player, she joked. “Sports just wasn’t my thing.”

However, she does continue to stay fit through dance and exercise, which she enjoys, despite the fact she can’t wear high heels while exercising. “I started loving shoes when I watched my first episode of ‘Sex in the City,’ ” she chuckled.

Ani has been writing her own music for several years—initially, in the rock/alternative rock genre and slowly segueing and transitioning into the music that has become her passion—club/dance music with a bit of a Latin flair. She’s also currently co-writing songs with her Award-winning record producer, Eibach, for her first solo album.

The first single, “Dance the Night Away” is a true depiction and look into Ani’s life right now—how she gets excited and inspired by putting her make-up and high heels on, texting her friends, arriving at the club and dancing to the conga beat, and reaching for the stars. In addition to singing and dancing, Ani is also a talented musician, who also plays piano, bass, guitar, drums and congas.

Her first single release, “Dance The Night Away”, was released in June via Del Oro Music/AHM Records, which she co-wrote and worked with Award-winning producer, Robert Eibach, is out now and is expected to ride up pop & dance charts soon!

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