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Aprilann - Crown And The Girls - DME Ent (Future Hse-Organ Hse-Trippy Hse)

Tracks 01.10.2017 #CLUB HOUSE, #FUTURE HOUSE, House (Electro House), Trippy House



"Crown And The Girls" is Aprilann's first track that's been raising some eyebrows and gaining popularity in the clubs in fact, this week, the infectiously moody track was one of the Top10 Most Added tracks on the Billboard Club level!! The born and bred Floridian, who now calls NYC home, is a singer/songwriter/actress that's currently working on new tracks for her upcoming EP which is slated for release in early 2018. "Crown" has been remixed by a variety of talented producers, which include C-ROD, DJ ALAN bd, DREW G., JAMES ANTHONY, WAYNE NUMAN, as well as the Dance Mix Edit, which was produced by MYSTRO! Be sure to check out the REMIX Performance/Lyric Video, which is edited to the Mystro Dance Mix Edit! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by KINGS!!

Aprilann - Crown and the Girls
(C-ROD Main Room Mix 9A 126 Future House

Aprilann - Crown and the Girls
(Wayne Numan Remix 9A 126 Organ House

Aprilann - Crown and the Girls
(DJ Alan bd Trippy House Mix 8A 124 Trippy House

Aprilann - Crown and the Girls
(DrewG Remix 9A 128 Electro House

Aprilann - Crown and the Girls
(Dance Mix 9B 120 Club House

Aprilann - Crown and the Girls
(James Anthonys NYC Mix 9A 126 Club Dance

Aprilann is a singer/songwriter/actress who was born and raised in Florida and currently resides in NYC. She earned her Associate of Arts Degree in Acting from New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts.
April recently finished up filming the female lead role in an upcoming film “Johnny Gruesome” which is a screenplay based on the wildly popular novel of the same name by Gregory Lamberson. She looks forward to the upcoming film release.

You may not think of singing, acting, and songwriting as the primary talents of thrill seekers. Think again. Aprilann has proven that an inquisitive mind, fearless attitude, and authentic love of life are the perfect mix to fuel her passion for songwriting and performing.

"Crown And The Girls", written by Aprilann and produced by acclaimed New York producer, Artie Skye of Skyelabs, was released a few months ago. It tells the ageless story of heartbreak and the difficulty of letting go. As Aprilann continues to work on new tracks for her debut EP set for release in early 2018, her team recently completed NEW remixes for Crown and the Girls, which have just been launched to the clubs!!

Snapchat: aprilannmusic 


Aprilann - Crown and the Girls (C-ROD Main Room Mix 9A 126 Future House

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