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Bauer & Lanford - "Leave Me Behind" - Ultra Music

TRACKS (New) EDM, Electronic

With all the incredible sounds that come out of Sweden, it's becoming harder and harder to make a name for yourself in the EDM scene. However, duo BAUER & LANFORD make it appear effortless. Having already gained massive momentum with their irresistible productions across Europe, they are ready to take over the dance floors across the pond with their debut single "LEAVE ME BEHIND".

The single is full of non-stop beats spread across a euphoric landscape of beautiful piano lines and feel good synth. Add to this mixture the slow building chorus with haunting female vocals, and you have an undeniable hit. With its shiny, flawless production, there is no doubt that "Leave Me Behind" will be pumping across the airwaves of the hottest clubs, beckoning listeners to the dance floor.

"LEAVE ME BEHIND" has also received the remix treatment from the likes of Kryder, Daniel Beasley, All That Is, Flip Monks and Bobby Rock. Be sure to keep a lookout for the full remix package, out on Ultra Music OCTOBER 29!

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