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Benedict Sinister - Ne dramatise pas (16 Lines from Bryan Ferry) Miss Beltran Mix

Tracks 21.10.2018 Future Lounge, KINGS COOL CUT, New US and Worldwide release


FUTURE LOUNGE - FANTASTIC VIDEO WITH SUPERMODEL ANASTASIYA SCHEGLOVA - AN UP-TO-DATE HOMAGE TO A ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME NOMINEE. THE WORLD’S FIRST LYRIC VIDEO WITH FOOTNOTES - LA-based artist and DJ Miss Beltran takes the track into the House Lounge and Future Lounge genres. Recommended by Kings. Released 22nd Oct


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“Ne Dramatise Pas“ is possibly the ultimate homage one musician has paid to the work of another. French-Australian poet Benedict Sinister took lines from sixteen different songs by veteran British art rock crooner Bryan Ferry, and combined them into a new house-lounge track, which nods musically to the Ferry’s hits of eighties.

This new paean to Ferry’s under-appreciated talents as a lyricist emerges at a moment when Ferry is enjoying renewed acclaim. At age 73, on the back of announcing a world tour in 2019, his band Roxy Music (formed in 1970 with Brian Eno) was recently nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The French title is an ultra-obscure Ferry citation for Roxy aficionados. However Sinister’s use of “franglais” (the combination of French and English lyrics) reflects his unusual ambition to “produce one of the best bilingual songs of all time.” French references slipped into the groove include Romantic poet Charles Baudelaire and designer Karl Lagerfeld, as well as French music artists Serge Gainsbourg, Les Rita Mitsouko, even Plastique Bertrand. 
The world's first lyric video with footnotes

The Ne dramatise pas video is provocative in the spirit of Bryan Ferry himself. Model/actress and Instagram celebrity Anastasiya Scheglova stars as the glamorous, sexy and indomitable muse – a constant figure in Ferry’s own album cover art and videos, fon which he collaborated with supermodels Amanda Lear, Jerry Hall, Kate Moss, and even with excited fans for the scandalous “Country Life” album cover.

A roguish Sinister takes the trend of models appearing in lyrics videos (Alexis Ren in The Chainsmokers’ Paris, Chelcie May in Loud Luxury’s Body), and pushes it to cheeky extremes, where his lyrics are superimposed on dlose-ups of the near-naked Scheglova. The clichés of video clips are exploited self-consciously, through references to Blondie’s Heart of Glass clip and Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, as well as Michael Bay’s Transformers 3, among others.

Yet all this is topped by the clip’s most daring and bizarre feature: it is the world’s first lyrics video to use academic footnotes.

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Benedict Sinister - Ne Dramatise Pas (16 Lines from Bryan Ferry) Miss Beltran mix - 8B - 108 Future Lounge

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