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Big Spuds In Little Venice Feat Rebecca Lisewski - "Autonomous" - S-U-M Recordings

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Big Spuds In Little Venice Feat Rebecca Lisewski - "Autonomous" - S-U-M Recordings

Big Spuds In Little Venice - 'Autonomous' SUM 001

1st release on brand new label S.U.M. (Serious Underground Music) Recordings. Written & Produced by Jonny Nelson, Patrick Ruane & Danny Young. Featuring London West End starlet Rebecca Lisewski on the vocals.

Imagine sunrise, warm air, gorgeous party people, cool out door beach type venues, then you get a feel for what this track is representing. This London based label is run by london dance music industry stalwarts Jonny Nelson & Patrick Ruane. Both have a wealth of experience within the dance music & music industry spanning a good 23 years, having worked, promoted and managed some of the musical globes finest artists.

The aim with S.U.M. Recordings is to studio collaborate with past and present big hitters of the London dance music scene. With this 1st releases lyrical content, we feel it captures the global mood in these tuff times, whilst explaining alot about the individuals who have taken it upon themselves to make their own mark, after years of working for others, on this ever changing global dance movement - whilst retaining some of the original aspects of why dance music inititially became popular.



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