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Billy Winn - Dreamland I EP - Ferocious (CLUB HOUSE-CLUB DANCE)

Tracks 25.07.2018 Club House



5 songs from Billy Winn, presenting his "Dreamland I" EP for Ferocious Music out of Washington DC. Billy is an artist building his craft, knowledge and presence in this completely different music business where social media and streaming dictates the flow. For a full review please read Jeff Dorta's extensive review below the track listing..

Billy Winn - Seal With A Kiss 
- 4A - 115 Club Dance.mp3
Billy Winn - Seal With A Kiss 
- 4A - 115 Club Dance.wav

Billy Winn - If You Really Cared 
- 12A - 130 Club Dance.mp3
Billy Winn - If You Really Cared 
- 12A - 130 Club Dance.wav

Billy Winn - Xhale - 2B - 120 Club House.mp3
Billy Winn - Xhale - 2B - 120 Club House.wav

Billy Winn - Crash - 1B - 96 Pop Dance.mp3
Billy Winn - Crash - 1B - 96 Pop Dance.wav

Billy Winn - If I Let U - 6B - 77 - Pop Vocal.mp3
Billy Winn - If I Let U - 6B - 77 - Pop Vocal.wav

"Billy Winn Whisks Listeners Into Dreamland I, The First EP of His Two-Part Series"

New York, NY – In Dreamland I, out artist Billy Winn lulls listeners into a sexified Shangri-La by taking on a variety of sounds and landscapes from pulsating dance beats to dark, erotic grooves. “I wanted to present emotionally charged songs that were unlike anything I’ve heard before,” Billy explains. The theme behind Dreamland I is that life is a perception—a fantasy even, and Billy explores the idea through stories about guilty pleasures.

Originally planned as a full-length album, Billy decided to split the project into two so that he could give each of the songs their proper due. “As an indie artist, it can be difficult pushing ten or twelve songs. I split the album so that none of them would get lost.” He played with several combinations but chose to group the five songs in Dreamland I because their stories best represent who he is as an artist today and tell the story he is ready to share now. Billy Winn’s Dreamland I is being distributed by Ferocious Music and OneRPM and is available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms.

“Dreamland is the project I’ve had in mind for a few years now,” continues Billy Winn from his Washington DC studio. He says he drew inspiration from his previous hit songs, “Future X Boyfriend” and “He Won’t Do”. “I wanted to explore those situations a bit deeper, to talk about them with more vulnerability and dimension and maybe also prove my growth as an artist—musically and vocally.”

Dreamland I begins with “Seal It with a Kiss,” a song written and produced by Billy and Johnie & Elliot of the production team OneVision, about an attraction that’s so strong, words are not needed to express it. The rush and thrill of a first encounter continues into “Xhale,” a Billy Winn-style dance record about taking in every moment with that special someone. “When I write dance records, my core inspiration is disco and 90s house music—in terms of lyrical content and telling stories that are meaningful, and that people can relate to,” says Billy.

The third single, “If You Really Cared,” was written from a track Billy received from Rion Richard, a producer from Finland Billy met on YouTube. “I was searching YouTube for remixers when I came across Rion’s page. I really loved his work, and so I reached out to see if he’d be interested in doing a song with me. He sent a bunch of stuff—but the one track that stuck out to me was this piano loop. I had the idea for “If You Really Cared” already, but the melody was a little different. I adjusted the melody to his piano loop and it became the chorus of the song.”

Originally written as a ballad, Billy and Rion felt the emotional lyrics worked even better turned as a pulsating dance track. “I have big hopes for this song,” Billy says. “I want it to live on dance floors for decades from now.”

The one song on Dreamland I that most sharply departs from anything dance is “If I Let U.” Billy admits it is his favorite song on the EP and acknowledges it sets the tone for what he will present in Dreamland II. It is a guilty pleasure track with a sound that varies between dance music and dark/ambient electro.

The EP closes with the re-release of Billy’s sexy, electro-pop and soulful dance groove, “Crash.” “I included ‘Crash’ because, musically, the song was a turning point for me and my career. Also, the sound and story of the record resonate so well with the others on Dreamland I, it was a natural fit.”

Billy Winn is a Billboard-charting singer, songwriter, recording artist, and performer who has been captivating audiences with his energetic shows and music releases that range from high energy dance records to R&B and emotionally charged EDM. After a public feud and eventual split with his label, the dance imprint Kaleidosphere Recordings, Billy has continued to drop music as an independent, underground pop artist. Last year, he released the critically acclaimed urban/pop ballad “Unhappy,” which led to him sharing the stage with the likes of Emeli Sandé, Cher Lloyd, Blake Lewis, and Icona Pop. Following “Unhappy," Billy unveiled “Crash,” with a music video released exclusively on Apple Music.

His tastes in music run the gamut. He counts artists like Charli XCX, Tove Lo, Troye Sivan, Years & Years, RAYE, Sofi Tukker, SZA, Billie Eilish, Vince Staples, and Eden Prince as influencers. “I am all over the place with who I listen to, but I see the common thread as being music that speaks to the time we’re in and that will create nostalgia in ten years or more. It’s what I hope my music will do, too.”

“The last four years have been nothing short of a life session and learning experience that has prepared me to move forward,” Billy continues. “Even between Dreamland I and Dreamland II, I have experienced growth, especially in my confidence. It took a long time for me to even consider myself a singer, and so the change continues as I develop my sound and take more risks, musically. Dreamland I is just the beginning.”


Billy Winn’s “Dreamland I” is available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms.

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Billy Winn - Xhale - 2B - 120 Club House

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