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Billy Winn - WDHS - Ferocious Recs (Club House)

Tracks 05.02.2019 #CLUB HOUSE, **FREE TO BROADCAST**


CLUB HOUSE - WAVs + MP3s - “WDHS” is the latest release from US underground Dance/Pop sensation, Billy Winn—fresh off of the success of his highly-acclaimed EP ‘Dreamland I’. A departure from the electro/pop whimsy of ‘Dreamland I’— “WDHS” takes us straight to the dance floor with a pulsating club track and an infectious chorus that is sure to have you on your feet. The music video for “WDHS” described by Winn as a “dance/concept” video is a non-stop in your face dance video with as much energy and attitude as the song itself. “WDHS” finds Billy Winn once again raising the bar, and is a promising indication of what we’ll see from him in 2019. "WDHS" available everywhere

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Billy Winn - WDHS - 9A - 132 Club House

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