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Blanco Brown - The Git Up (Trailer Trap Music) Rap-Country

Tracks 13.07.2019 #Country, #POP DANCE, #RAP


MOSQUITO WARNING - THIS TRACK BITES YOUR LEGS AGAIN & AGAIN - #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 with a combined 10 millions views on Youtube. Cross pollinating Rap and Country music fast on the heels of the #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 for Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus "The Old Town Road" - Blazing Saddles indeed, gonna be some noise round the campfire partying its success as the # 1 on the Hot Country Chart too. World's collide in the United States of MUSIC...

Atlanta artist Blanco Brown told USA TODAY about his debut song, "When I wrote and recorded 'The Git Up,' there was just this energy around it that made all of us so happy. It's so exciting to see that energy connecting organically with people around the world. Young and old. Female or male. Black, brown or white. It seems to be bringing a smile to everyone's face, and that is a big part of what I believe is driving this virally."

Digital on sale -

Alternative video with 6.8 Million views featuring Laine Wilson -

"Gone and do the 2 step then cowboy boogie grab your sweetheart and spin out with em do the hoedown 
and git into it
(Woooo Whoooo Whooooo Ouuu) take it to the left now
and dip with it
gone throw down
take a sip with it
now lean back
put your hips in it" 

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Blanco Brown - The Git Up (Trailer Trap Music) Rap-Country

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