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boycalledbernard - "Get Your Head Together" - Matchbox Recordings

TRACKS (New) Pop

A bit about Bernard

"I've loved writing songs since I first learned to play a musical instrument in my early teens. I guess it all began from my being exposed to such a broad variety of music as a child which spanned everything from big band jazz to musicals to mainstream radio pop. Melody has always been that vital ingredient I gravitate towards and it is an integral part of my compositions. But that doesn't mean I'm averse to the likes of minimalist Stockhausen, John Cage or even The Mars Volta; I'm equally at home with them as I am with the anodyne Lady Gaga, Keane or Kylie." July 2012

Born in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, Bernard was brought up in South Africa and took to music at an early age. In his late teens, he formed a pop band called The Helicopters which burst onto the South African music scene with the infectious hit song Mysteries & Jealousy. Signed to WEA Records and later Epic, the band went on to have numerous Top Ten hits which included Whisper Your Secret, Only For You and Don't Want to Live in Hollywood.

Renowned for their super-melodic pop songs, many television appearances, outrageous live shows and regular image metamorphosis, The Helicopters soon became a household name touring extensively throughout South Africa, Botswana and Namibia (where Mysteries & Jealousy topped the national charts for some four months).

The band released three albums: Love Attack, In The Flesh and What Affair? and were regulars on TV shows such as Pop Shop, the equivalent of the UK's Top of the Pops. Despite extensive airplay and sold-out nationwide concert tours, The Helicopters - as with the majority of SA bands at the time - were restricted to playing in the southern African region due to the country's dire political situation and subsequent pariah status among the international community. The Helicopters still continue to receive good airplay and have appeared on many SA compilation albums: the most recent being a Greatest Hits album which features 14 tracks of studio and live recordings and Fresh Music's highly successful Rocking Against the System.

Bernard moved back to England in 2004 where he continued to write and produce and has recorded a number of solo albums: the last one being Outside Looking In which received favourable reviews and airtime in a number of countries

BoycalledBernard's debut single, Get your Head Together. Tell us what you think and find out more about us on Facebook:!/pages/Boycalledbernard/394138117298663



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