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Cats On Bricks - Steam House Radio Show No 30 (Steam House)


Welcome to the Steam House age introduced by Cats On Bricks. It’s all about a unique new world called "STOOM“ - A steam train, pumping & whistling from clubs to festivals. "Steam House“ is a brand new genre "Cats On Bricks“, a circle of DJ/producers from all over Europe, are the godfathers of "Steam House“ is based on a unique sound & rhythm closely related to the pumping & horning of a steam train. In their "Steam House Radio Show“ Cats On Bricks are presenting new tracks, remixes & mashups, but also their steam house culture, closely related the art & fashion of steampunk. Including Guest mixes from Don Diablo and LCD Soundsystem. With a live stream Live Steam“: (Edited with Signature Sounds & Live Atmosphere):


Steam House Radio Show No 30 playlist

1. "Hottest Steam“: We Can Dance Again (Steam House DJ Mix) by Roland Clark, Armin van Buuren, Reinier Zonneveld
2. "Steam Pick“: Eckstein Eckstein (Mach Mal Bisschen Pepp Klein) (Extended Mix) by Daniel Levak x Channel B
3. "Steam Release“: We Kiss (Steam House Radio ReMix) by Cats On Bricks
4. "Special Steam“: Resurrection (Steam House Extended Mix) by Cats On Bricks
5. "SteamUp of the Month“: Temperature (Steam House MashUp) by Cats On Bricks
6. "Live Steam“: (Edited with Signature Sounds & Live Atmosphere):
- Gravity feat. Laura Korinth (Steam House DJ Edit) by Boris Brejcha
- Plastic Dreams (Steam House DJ Edit) by JayDee
- The Sound Of Space (Steam House DJ Edit) by Enrico Sangiuliano
- Mercury (Steam House DJ Edit) by Hi-Lo
- Twisted (Steam House DJ Edit) by Groove Terminator ft. Stewart Who?
7. "Steam-House-Guest-Mix“ (Hexagonmix by Don Diablo)
8. "Forgotten Steam“ Tribulations (Steam House DJ Mix) by LCD Soundsystem

We always stop our steam train at the biggest festivals and clubs.
- ULTRA Music Festival Miami / USA
- ELROW London / GBR
- Hï Ibiza / SPA
- Electric Mountain Festival / AUT
- PACHA Munich / GER
...and many more
A top stop is our monthly Steam House Radio Show (over 1M listeners worldwide / Syndication by: This is Distorted)

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Cats On Bricks - Steam House Radio Show No 30 (Steam House)

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