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Chicago House MPG Mixshow 208 - DJ Georgie Porgie - House-Jackin House

MIXSHOWS Disco House, House (Funky-House)



Session 208

Pure House music magic direct from the birthplace of House music, the city of Chicago. Delivered for the legendary House music label Music Plant by DJ Georgie Porgie and please free to broadcast on your shows and stations loud and proud. 2017 house music now moves into its express gears...

Georgie Porgie MPG Radio Mixshow Session 208

Mix Show Playlist #208

1. Aekaye & Averse- “Maya” (Friscia & Kouros House Mix) Live/MPG
2. DJ Georgie Porgie- “Yes Yes We Don’t Stop” iAmHouse/MPG
3. Barry Obzee-“Badboy”
4. Kevin McKay- “The Oooh Song”
5. Luca Cassani- “Gluttony”
6. Ron Louis Smith 2nd- “Spank” (Gary Caos Remix)
7. Monxa- “Kings of Kings” (JJ Mullor Remix)
8. Glenn Friscia & Alex Kouros—“Music Saved My Life” iAmHouse/MPG
9. Twism & B3RAO- “You Can’t Hide”
10. Marco Molina- “Out of Mind”
11. Four Kings Ft. Sybil- “Together You and I” iAmHouse/MPG
12. Juan Diaz & Jorge Montia- “Live”

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