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Chicago House MPG Mixshow 290 - DJ Georgie Porgie - House-Jackin House



HOUSE - JACKIN HOUSE - AFRO HOUSE - CHICAGO HOUSE MIXSHOW - Georgie Porgie from the famed Music Plant label in Chicago delivers a new one hour of perfectly blended new House music across amazing 14 tracks. Big Big House Music recommendation from Kings for one of the best weekly mixshows in the world.

This week's show starts off appropriately with Aretha Franklin- “A Deeper Love” into the superb Kanomarli “Steady Rock” on iAmHouse/MPG into Moon Rocket, Angelo Ferreri “What I Need” into Billy Winn “If You Really Care”. Finishing on Kanomarli ft Richard Rogers “Thinking About Your Love” on iAmHouse/MPG into CZR, J Paul Getto “House Sensation” into Rout Funk "Lovedisco" and closing on ATFC, David Penn “Hipcats”.

Georgie Porgie's Mix Show Playlist #290

1. Aretha Franklin- “A Deeper Love”
2. Kanomarli- “Steady Rock” iAmHouse/MPG
3. Moon Rocket, Angelo Ferreri-“What I need”
4. Billy Winn- “If You Really Care”
5. Disco Incorporated- “Lovely”
6. Calvin Harris n Disciples- “How Deep Is Your Love”
7. The Cube Guys- “Holistic Guitar”
8. Mark Funk, Danny Cruz- “Superlovin”
9. The Blush- “Summer Dreams”
10. Richard Grey- “Don’t Mess With My Man”
11. Kanomarli Ft. Richard Rogers- “Thinking About Your Love” iAmHouse/MPG
12. CZR, J Paul Getto- “House Sensation”
13. Rout Funk-Lovedisco
14. ATFC, David Penn- “Hipcats”


Chicago House MPG Mixshow 290 - DJ Georgie Porgie - House-Jackin House

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