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Dario BianKi - Grace In My Mind EP - WasteMusicBusters (House-Tech House)

Tracks 15.05.2018 Kings Cool Cuts


TECHNO - TECH HOUSE - HOUSE - The latest and some say greatest, recordings from the maverick-music-magician Dario Bianki with his pseudonym JDstreams unlock some Techno and Tech House hot lava from Milan and Ibiza. Very special note to the Original Mix of "Grace In My Mind" which even at 132 bpm (the best ever Disco bpm) with a bassline that just grooves so hypnotically into your head laying out the melody template for changes including the 'typewriter' percussion build-up growing towards the electric guitar break. Sincerely - if the genius of Prince was still with us he's be locking into "Grace In My Mind". Great sax breaks..

There is also the Darbian Remix for "Grace' plus Dario's awesome Tech House "Cook The Problems Into Heaven" which Jean Michel Jarre would have been proud of and the futuristic space module of "Do Not Come Back Into My Heart Again".

To me Dario is a Picasso of his time, creating music with full imagination. On first bite you might dismiss but if you listen to the full production its creativity is amazing, like a 10cc of his time. Bravo Dario - more please (when the inspiration enters).

JDstreams - Grace in My Mind 
(Original Mix 6B - 132 House

JDstreams - Grace in my Mind 
(DarBian Remix 6A - 132 Tech House

Dario BianKi - Cook the Problems into Heaven 
(Original Mix 5A - 138 Tech House

Dario BianKi - Do Not Come Back to My Heart Again 
(Original Mix 7B - 134 Techno

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JDstreams - Grace in My Mind (Original Mix 6B - 132 House)

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