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Dario G - Hola - (Double J) Club House Anthem



CLUB HOUSE ANTHEM - GREAT NEW RELEASE FROM A GLOBAL HIT-MAKER - PERFECT FOR THE SUMMER. Dario G returns to bring a smile to your face with his brand new track Hola. Teeming with sunshine and originality, this huge upbeat choral anthem is driven by Dario G's unique signature sound. Ani conic piano hooks feature throughout and the energy and euphoria from Hola delivers a perfect soundtrack to 2019.

"Hola is a simple and positive message," said Dario G (AKA Paul Spencer). "I wrote the vocal melody first, then conjured up the idea to add a simple repeating lyric that could appeal to all. You could be greeting the sunrise after partying all night, or you could be waking at the break of dawn.

You might be greeting a friend, a loved one, making a new acquaintance or hugging a complete stranger, "Hola" is made for you !"

For over two decades Dario G has become a household name for his song writing, with chart-breaking singles across the world, including 3 Top 10 singles in the UK and Germany. From the Dario G summer classic "Sunchyme" to football anthems "Carnaval de Paris" and “Ring of Fire” and the beautiful ”Dream to Me” and “Voices" that featured on The Beach soundtrack; Dario G knows how to write and capture, unique and timeless, spine-tingling musical masterpieces. Keywords: Energetic, Upbeat, Summer

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Release Date: 5th July 2019

DARIO G - live on Spotify


DARIO G - HOLA (Ext Mix 6B - 125 Club House Anthem.

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