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Dario G & Sonique - Keep on Lovin' (FLP1) Club Dance Anthem



KINGS TOP 'FEEL GOOD TUNE' TIP - CLUB DANCE ANTHEM - “Keep on Lovin” is the brand new collaboration single by Dario G and Sonique for the UK's hottest new label Flipside Records via FLP1.

The two hugely successful artists boast multiple global gold and platinum sales awards and their enormous pedigree shines through on “Keep on Lovin”. Combining elements of reggae, gospel and drum’n’bass, this 2021 release is a unique blend of styles lead by catchy vocal hooks, timeless instruments, driving beats, all wrapped in a classy production, the result of which is a truly uplifting feel good tune.

Dario G (real name Paul Spencer) said “This song is a call to people with different opinions and ideas to show understanding, consideration and ultimately, to keep on loving. We need to see the good, not the bad, find solutions, not problems”.
Sonique said, “We managed to get real and authentic reggae, drum‘n’bass and gospel into the track and the message is simple: “Keep On Lovin”!”

The two artists met while touring and decided to get into the studio to see what musical magic they could create. Here is the result!

Sonique conquered the world with her hits “I Put a Spell on You”, “Sky” and her Top10 US hit “It Feels So Good”. Dario G likewise, hit the global charts with “Carnaval de Paris”, “Dream to Me” and the Ibiza classic “Sunchyme”

“Keep on Lovin” is the first release on FLP1, a sub label of Flipside Records. The first two releases on Flipside both reached number one in the Music Week Upfront Dance Chart as well as securing national and international radio play on stations such as Radio 1, 2, Kiss with both videos hitting the MTV Dance top 20.

Keep On Lovin’
Dario G and Sonique xx



Dario G & Sonique - Keep on Lovin (Extended Mix 3B - 85 Club Dance Anthem

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