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Deltiimo and L & O - Now Everybody Stand In Line - Louca Music (World Cup 2018)

Tracks 05.06.2018 New Release



Deltiimo team up with L & O for new mixes of Football Anthem "Now Everybody Stand In Line". Deltiimo (Gary Louca) linked up with L & O to remix and re-release their classic dance music football anthem “Now Everybody Stand In line”. With the World Cup being held in Russia starting June 14th football fever time. Deltiimo & L & O want to get the whole world singing and dancing, whether you’re a football fan or not it’s a song you can all sing to and I am sure people from around the world will love the dance moves. “No matter if your big or small, just get your feet up on the floor”

Sasha Biloshisky aims to educate audience about the dance influences: "The dance sequences and freestyles in the video are influenced by the Hip-Hop dance and House dance styles. Each dancer ads their own flavour guided by the way they feel music.”

Gary Louca is originally one half of L & O with original writer Phil Owen (O). Both based in Portsmouth United Kingdom.
“Now Everybody Stand In line” 2018 has also been remixed by numerous top international remixers, all included in one massive album of mixes from Deltiimo (Gary Louca) & Dutch Producer Bradon Grobler, (SPare, Spin Sista, Larry Peace, Jose Jimenez, E39, Boogieknights plus the Original L & O Football, Soccer, & Spanish Mixes.

It’s also got a brand new international dance created by fantastic Russian Choreographer Sasha Biloshisky of also now based in Portsmouth United Kingdom, and features performers: Lucy Atkins, Shaquille Mannus. How’s that for international relations...

The video was filmed by Portsmouth based Team Locals Media
Shuffle Dance Song Deltiimo Now Everybody Stand In Line 2018



Deltiimo n L n O - Now Everybody Stand In Line (SPare Ext Remix 9B - 130 Club Dance

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