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Deltiimo n L n O - Now Everybody Stand In Line (Shuffle Dance Mix) Circuit House

Tracks New UK Worldwide release, SPOTIFY



For the next 46 hours at least the English part of the UK are going to go football crazy so Deltiimo teamed up withL&O for another new mix of Football Anthem "Now Everybody Stand In Line". Deltiimo (Gary Louca)linked up with L & O to re-release their classic dance music football anthem "Now Everybody Stand In line".

With the World Cup in Russia in football fever time. Deltiimo & L&O want to get the whole world singing and dancing, whether you’re a football fan or not it’s a song you can all sing to and I am sure people from around the world will love the dance moves. “No matter if your big or small, just get your feet up on the floor”.  What's the score ? 

Deltiimo n L n O - Now Everybody Stand In Line 
Shuffle Dance Mix 2018 - 9B - 130 Circuit House

The video was filmed by Portsmouth based Team Locals

Deltiimo on Spotify


We've also got a brand new international dance created by fantastic Russian Choreographer Sasha Biloshisky of also now based in Portsmouth United Kingdom, and features performers: Lucy Atkins, Shaquille Mannus. How’s that for international relations...



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