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DEVN6 - We Don't Know (Brain Pain Recs) Future Club


FUTURE CLUB - Refreshingly music by DEVN6, the sort that transports its audience to immersive new realms. Driving with a delicate bounce of a beat, the subtle rhythm and warmth of the soundscape helps create a level of energy that completely envelops listeners. The louder you let it play, the stronger the effect.

DEVN6 - We Don't Know - 11A - 124 Future Club


Utilizing hints of tribalism, organic yet dreamlike beats and moments, "We Don’t Know" seeks to provide that essential escapism we all crave at the end of a long week.


A distant hook vocal blends in an addictive touch of humanity that prompts you to join forces and repeat in unison as the music takes hold. Taking full advantage of a select few hypnotic moments, "We Don’t Know" sees layer after layer of immensely clean synths cascade around the listener.

Whether for moments of isolation and calm, or those requiring a more energetic and engaging late-night hit of togetherness, "We Don’t Know" aims to meet the bar in the way that effective, authentic music should.


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DEVN6 - We Don't Know
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DEVN6 - We Don't Know - 11A - 124 Future Club

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