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Dick Groves - No Limit To Love EP (Melodic Club House-Vocal Club House-Club House-Club Dance)


Melodic Club House - Vocal Club House - Club House - Club Dance - Wavs + MP3s

Hot on the wheels of the “Lost In My Emotions” EP by Dick Groves (a Kings of Spins Top 10 chart success in 2022) comes Groves's latest EP “No Limit To Love”, which is on release through all major outlets now via Horus Music Distribution including Apple music and Spotify.


Dick Groves - No Limit To Love (House mix) - 4A - 120 Vocal Club House

Dick Groves - I Know You Love Me (House mix) - 6A - 122 Melodic Club House

Dick Groves - I Think Im In Love (House mix) - 6A - 125 Club House

Dick Groves - Ready 4 Ya (House mix) - 2A - 128 Vocal Club House

Dick Groves - Til We See The Sunlight (House mix) - 5A - 125 Club Dance

Dick's latest EP, "No Limit To Love", features five hand-picked tracks by Kings Of Spins. Each track is also accompanied by its official music video perfectly complementing both the euphoric vibe and the joy of being alive. "No Limit To Love", as an EP, really takes us to a loving place. Its a refreshing and a perfectly timed release for the oncoming summer of 2023, a new summer of love, fresh and ready for those balmy long evenings of music, wine under the stars.

Dick Groves is a multi-genre writer and producer and creates his tracks from his own studio in the UK. Having worked as writer/producer for a Chicago-based label for over 8 years, Dick has now come out of the blocks at full speed with a tremendous string of independent releases under the banner of ‘Dick Groves Music’. He has been interviewed by BBC radio on a number of occasions and has received great coverage from global radio stations, including Billboard in the USA, along with strong DJ support from around the world. Dick’s dance music creations of 2022 were applauded by Eddie Gordon, as having “excellent production” further evidenced with the global support and feedback received from the international DJ world.


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