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DJ Luis Santiago - MPG Chicago Mixshow - Session 279 (House-Classic House)




Live and direct from the birthplace of House Music. This week's show is delivered by a very special guest DJ Luis Santiago, who gives us all another superb one hour show, episode 279, of the best in House Music. Starting off with the huge Kanomarli ft Richard Rodgers “Thinking About Your Love” on iAmHouse/MPG into Mark Funk & Danny Cruz “Superlovin” on Cruise Music into Full Intention “Simply Living” on Soul Furic Trax. 14 tracks creating a blistering mixshow that closes with Crazibiza “Feel The Vibe” plus Crazibiza “Happie” both on Pornostar Records into Tony B “In My House” on iAmHouse/MPG and finally Oreja “Vazilando 2018 Remixes” Papa.. Free for broadcast on your radio stations, in your cars and for rocking in the gym. Thank you DJ Luis Santiago for a fantastic new mix!

Special Guest DJ Luis Santiago
Mix Show Playlist #279

1. Kanomarli Feat. Richard Rodgers - “Thinking About Your Love” - iAmHouse/MPG
2. Mark Funk & Danny Cruz - “Superlovin” - Cruise Music
3. Full Intention - “Simply Living” - Soul Furic Trax
4. Dj Georgie Porgie - “El Tumbao” - iAmHouse/MPG
5. Croatia Squad, Like Morgan - “Make Your Move
6. Jena Rose - “Reasons”
7. Chuck Roberts, Monique Bingham “In The Beginning There Was Jack”
8. Dj Val - “Ride Free” - iAmHouse/MPG
9. Peter Brown - “Say It Again” - Monoside
10. Fresh Ground - “I Don’t Want No Other” - iAmHouse/MPG
11. Crazibiza - “Feel The Vibe” - Pornostar Records
12. Crazibiza - “Happie” - Pornostar Records
13. Tony B - “In My House” - iAmHouse/MPG
14. Oreja - “Vazilando 2018 Remixes” - Papa



DJ Luis Santiago - MPG Chicago Mixshow - Session 279 (House-Classic House)

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