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DJ Luis Santiago - MPG Chicago Mixshow - Session 283 (House-Classic House)




Live and direct from the birthplace of House Music. This week's show is delivered by a very special guest DJ Luis Santiago, who gives us all another superb one hour show, episode 283, of the best in House Music. Starting off with the legendary Peter Brown "Say It Again" on Monoside into Kanomarli ft Richard Rodgers "Thinking About Your Love" on iAmHouse/MPG into Ferreck Dawn, Robosonic "In Arms" on Defected. Running 15 tracks creating a fantastic mixshow that closes with the quartet of Dj Georgie Porgie with Richard Rodgers "I Got That Feelin" on iAmHouse/MPG into Shakedown "At Night" on Defected into Same "Wake Up Tomorrow" on Believe In Disco and finally Disk Nation "This Groove" on Onako Records. Free for broadcast on your radio stations, in your cars and for rocking in the gym. Thank you DJ Luis Santiago for a fantastic new mix!

Special Guest DJ Luis Santiago - Mix Show Playlist #283

1. Peter Brown - “Say It Again” - Monoside
2. Kanomarli Feat. Richard Rodgers - “Thinking About Your Love” - iAmHouse/MPG
3. Ferreck Dawn, Robosonic - “In Arms” - Defected
4. Hifi Sean, Celeda - “The Music” - Classic Music Company
5. Kevin McKay, CASSIMM - “Love On Mind” - Glasgow Underground
6. Junior Snachez, Saul Williams - “Change Yo Diet” - Robsoul
7. House Child - “A Little More” - iAmHouse/MPG
8. Tony B - “In My House” - iAmHouse/MPG
9. Billy Winn - “Seal It With A Kiss”
10. Joey Chicago - “For Your Lovin” - Cruise Music
11. Weiss - “Feel My Needs” - Toolroom
12. Dj Georgie Porgie with Richard Rodgers - “I Got That Feelin” - iAmHouse/MPG
13. Shakedown - “At Night” - Defeted
14. Same - “Wake Up Tomorrow” - Believe In Disco
15. Disk Nation - “This Groove” - Onako Records


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DJ Luis Santiago - MPG Chicago Mixshow - Session 283 (House-Classic House)

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