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DJ Skeletrek​ - Beep - pNUMA RECS (Techno-Tech Trap-Tech House)

Tracks 23.11.2018 #TECH HOUSE, Tech-Trap, Techno


TECH HOUSE - TECH-TRAP - TECHNO - DJ Skeletrek's "Fecal Matter" is a brazen builder growing into power, an awesome heads down in the dark of a throbbing Berlin Techno club. "Beep" a deep sinister Tech House production. "Hooplah" and "Siserp" is a new hybrid tech-trap genre from Emmanuel Hudson aka The Mad Scientist, DJ Skeletrek.

A DJ from Atlanta Georgia, who is not limited to no genre, has been in the circuit since 2013. Inspired by his life, and motivated by the culture, he brings to the table his unique perspective on music, rhythm, and poetry. Out on Beatport and Junodownload now.

DJ Skeletrek - Fecal Matter
- 7A - 137 Tech House-Techno

DJ Skeletrek - Beep
- 8A or 4A - 138 Tech House-Techno

DJ Skeletrek - Hooplah
- 4A - 145 - Tech-Trap

DJ Skeletrek - Siserp
- 4A - 140 - Tech Trap

Twitter: @kenlockie


DJ Skeletrek Live Spotify Player


DJ Skeletrek - Fecal Matter - 7A - 137 Tech House-Techno

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