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Dj Zoli - HouseGalaxy MixshoW 2016 July - Birthday Mix


Dj Zoli - HouseGalaxy MixshoW 2016 July - Birthday Mix

Please welcome the 8th HouseGalaxy MixshoW BirthdayMix mixed (of course) by Dj Zoli. You can also listen Zoli's new upcoming release "Zollution" in the mix and on his soundcloud page too.
Thank you so much to everyone who help, listen and share! Thank you Kings!

Dj Zoli - Zolution (House mix)

1. Jess Glynne_Alex Newell_DJ Cassidy_n_Nile Rodgers - Kill The Lights (Original Mix)
2. Glenn Friscia n Alex Kouros - I Get I Want (Deep Disco House Mix)
3. Twism B3rao n Rick Marshall - When I Think Of You (LDN Calling NYC Remix)
4. Lemaitre (feat The Knocks) - We Got U (Ferdinand Weber Remix)
5. Dj Zoli - Zolution (house mix)
6. Jamiroqai - Cosmic girl (Tom Belton remix)
7. Georgie Porgie - Loves Got You (Club Mix)
8. FOMO ft Chaka Khan-Taka Boom n Mark Stevens - House Of Love (DJ Sneak Chi Town Boogie Down)
9. Tony Moran and Jason Walker - So Happy (Nick Bertossi Remix)
10. Crew 7 and Jane Vogue - Conga (Crew 7 Mix)
11. Swishcraft Ft. Emoni Washington - My Heart Beats Faster (Cristian Poow Remix)
12. Ron Louis Smith II - Ron Louis Smith II - Love Talk (Liam Keegan Remix)
13. SR - I Dont See Em (Mike Newman Remix)
14. DJ Blend - I Want Be Alone (Original Mix)
15. Mot n Krid Remix - Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)

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