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Dolche - Psycho Killer (Crisalide Recs) Deep Pop

Tracks 26.06.2019 #AIFs + MP3s, #DEEP POP, #SPOTIFY, **GOING FOR AIRPLAY**


A SUPERB 2019 DEEP POP INTERPRETATION OF THE DAVID BYRNE CLASSIC 1977 RELEASE FOR TALKING HEADS "PSYCHO KILLER" - Recorded in Sweden by the marvellously esoteric Italian artist DOLCHE. Pure class coming to you from Kings...

Dolche - Psycho Killer (Kings New Artist Tip) 8A - 61bpm (Deep Pop).aif

Dolche - Psycho Killer (Kings New Artist Tip) 8A - 61bpm (Deep Pop).mp3

Press release.
Guess what? Punk becomes sweet! If Talking Heads mean post-punk, this Psycho Killer cover will blow your mind. Punk sweetens up and becomes Dolche (the word “dolce” meaning sweet in Italian). Estranged sounds and delicate notes meet to create a magic atmosphere.

Dolche grew up in a secluded and isolated 40 inhabitants village in the Alps mountains and her music is one of a kind. This new independent international project involved people from all over the world: from the Swedish co-producer Tobias Fröberg (Ane Brun, Peter Bjorn and John, Abba), to the Californian mixing engineer Noah Georgeson (Devendra Banhart) to the acclaimed master engineer Emily Lazar (Grammy Award winner 2019, for Colors by Beck). Besides this surprising cover, her new album features 13 original tracks, boasting collaborations with names like Al Shmitt (Capitol Records LA).

Dolche decided to launch this 2 year long work (the complete original album will be released at the end of 2019) with an homage to the Talking Heads, and David Byrne whom she admires profoundly.

June 26th 2019 - Crisalide Records
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Alternative Singer/Songwriter - Alternative Folk Alternative Pop - Indie Rock - Chanson Européenne Pop WorldMusic - Retro Pop 

February 2018 - December 2018 

Tobias Fröberg Studio SE 

by Emily Lazar at The Lodge, NYC assisted by Chris Allgood 

Multicultural - Multilanguage - Visual Ethereal - Reflective Intense - Exotic Theatrical - Sentimental Gentle - Intimate Melancholy - Playful Sophisticated - Carefree Poignant - Romantic Sweet - Warm - Wistful - Delicate Tender - Dreamy Surprising - Powerful 

Beata Bojda - Flower Crown Desiner – Poland
Chiara Soldatini - Manager, Creative Director – Italy
Christine Herin, Dolche - Producer, Guitar (Acoustic), Piano, Vocals, Main Personnel, Melody and Rhythm Arrangement, Primary Artist – Italy
Emily Lazar – Mastering – USA
Ivon Wolak - Photography – Poland
Joel Kant - Drums – Sweden
Noah Georgeson - Mixing – USA
Stefano e Maribel Buono Lopera - Creativity Accelerators
Tim Manthey - Collage Artwork – USA
Tobias Fröberg - Audio Engineer, Audio Production, Organs, Producer - Sweden


Dolche - Psycho Killer - live on Spotify


Dolche - Psycho Killer (Kings New Artist Tip) 8A - 61bpm (Deep Pop)

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