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Dolche - Supernova - Crisalide Recs (Avant-Garde Pop)

Tracks 07.11.2019 #APPLE MUSIC, #AVANT-GARDE POP, #SPOTIFY, #WAVs + MP3s

AVANT-GARDE POP - GREAT VIDEO - AMAZING ARTIST - WAVs + MP3s. An artist is an inspirational soul who pulls us inquisitively closer to their creativity. Dolche is an artist in the truest form of the word. Her latest recording is indeed a "Supernova" moment in the work towards the new album "Exotic Dioram" which will include "Psycho Killer' and "Canzone d'Amore". Loved by Kings.

Dolche - Supernova (5A - 88 Avant Garde Pop).mp3

Dolche - Supernova (5A - 88 Avant-Garde Pop).wav


So "Supernova" - Every day, thanks to the NASA Instagram profile, we can comfortably float in the deep cosmic space from our smartphones. Impossible to forget David Bowie's Major Tom words when he asked Ground Control to tell his wife “I love her very much”. Love always wins and will win over time, might it be the time of a day or the infinite time of a galaxy.

Dolche leads us into the immense sidereal space, with her new romantic though mighty pop love song called Supernova. She sings about how, when true love arrives, it destroys everything just like a Supernova does. Produced between the USA, Beirut, Italy, and Sweden, Supernova's powerful, airy and seductive sound, contaminates French rock with oriental scents and an Italian accent.

The video clip, filmed in the hot Nevada desert, makes us time travel to another dimension again, leading us on a blue 50s Cadillac, running in the desert in a perfect James Bond style chase, followed by a monstrous space creature. Dolche goes all in: multilingual and multicultural, sci-fi yet very contemporary. You can't help yourself being carried away by this explosion of stars that risks to light the path of the new indie music icon.

Released now on Spotify & Apple
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Communiqué de presse en français

Boulimique de Musique: "Un clip complètement décalé pour cette chanson française du type pop atmosphérique à grand déploiement. On dirait un mélange de l'instrumentation comparable à celle entendue sur les albums de Klô Pelgag, qui rencontre une énergie semblable à Martha Wainwright pour l'intensité de son interprétation. Le traitement sonore fait que l'on se retrouve dans un territoire à la fois familier et un peu rétro, comme un vieil album de Diane Tell qui se juxtapose à un oeuvre lyrique de Diane Dufresne, bref, une belle folie habite cette pièce iconoclaste!"

Dolche "Supernova" live on Spotify


Dolche - Supernova (5A - 88 Avant-Garde Pop)

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