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Donny Duardo & Daan Junior - Mi Lugar - E-traxx Recs (Reggaeton)

Tracks 06.06.2018 New Release



Donny Duardo and Daan Junior are two young and gifted producers from the Netherlands who are already performing on a lot of stages during the festival season. On this music collab they melted together a moombathon/reggaeton jam.

You can't stand still when you hear this marvelous tune by Daan Junior and Donny Duardo.


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In the year of 2016, Ron van den Beuken (DJ/Producer Ron van den Beuken) and Peter Schalk (DJ/Producer Marvega) refreshed the doors of the, originally founded in september 2012, music label: "E-Traxx Records".

With E-traxx records, Ron en Peter are providing some new, fresh and exclusive music in our world, made by talented producers that trying to find their way in the music business. E-Traxx Records does not stand for one particular music style. If it's awesome; IT'S AWESOME! House, Trap, Pop, Trance or Latin.. You name it, we will release it!

With this in mind E-Traxx Records is reaching a hand to those producers that have awesome productions, that have awesome tracks, that are enormously talented but don't know where they can release their music.

E-traxx Records also releases global in coöperation with big independent and major labels.

If we see the possibilities in the artist and his music we are going to find a path for that artist to reach a next level. With our major contacts in the business, everything you can imagine, we can do. From reaching out your music to several radio stations, or providing a videoclip for your track. Labels like; DISCOWAX, KONTOR, BLANCO Y NEGRO, BIP-RECORDS, LNG-UNIVERSAL, HAPPY MUSIC to name a few are reliable partners in sub-releasing.

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Donny Duardo and Daan Junior - Mi Lugar - 7A - 105 Reggaeton

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