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DSB and Ike Okani - Im Elvis Presley - Okani Worldwide (Club House)

Tracks 18.07.2018 New USA release


Las Vegas based Ike Okani teams up with DSB to deliver this quirky Club House 120 BPM dance-floor unique track "I'm Elvis Presley". Watch the video and its makes total sense - all performers have a little Elvis in them - the outer body experience of another entity that has control of their mind and body functions but its there true reality that takes the hits. Richard Pryor sets fire to himself and runs down the street in flames, which Richard gets burnt? The one that feels the pain. Stardom, being famous is journey of joy and pain, "I'm Elvis Presley" says another guy again...


DSB and Ike Okani - Im Elvis Presley (Original Mix - 7A - 120 Club House

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