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Eljuri - BangBang - Original Mix - Manovill Records (Pop vocal)

Tracks 14.11.2018 #POP DANCE, Alt Pop, ROCK


BILINGUAL POP VOCAL - POWERFUL MELODY - Eljuri releases her award winning single "BangBang", chosen as a winner of the John Lennon International Songwriting Contest in the World category. Eljuri's provocative bilingual music video and song is a artist's plea to the world against non-stop Gun Violence.

Eljuri - BangBang - Original Mix 10A - 140 Pop Vocal

Delarue, New York Music Daily  “The production is artful, lingering reverb-toned ambience behind the scratchy rhythm guitar… an upbeat reggae groove for the brassy anti-violence anthem ‘BangBang.’

Thomas Gerbasi, K063 Music “That’s always been the point of Eljuri’s music — not just to entertain, but to inform.

NYC - Singer-songwriter, guitarist and ‘artivist’ Cecilia Villar Eljuri releases her powerful new music video "BangBang", the third single from Eljuri’s critically acclaimed album ‘La Lucha’ (Manovill Records).

The creative video team of Kristian Austin and Olga Mazurkiewicz (Queen City Films / ZCollective) were tapped to direct, film and produce the performance video ‘BangBang’ under the executive production of Alexandra Gatje from Manovill Records. The video stars Cecilia Villar Eljuri on vocals and guitar, Alex Alexander on drums and Johnny Pisano on bass.

Witnessing the chaos and brutality inflicted on citizens across the globe motivated Eljuri to write this anti-gun violence song. From the riots in Ferguson to the mass shootings in Paris and countless cases of police brutality, Eljuri bears witness and asks how many more souls must be offered up to this indignity. She raises her voice in protest while wielding her strongest weapon, the guitar. The lilting rhythm of reggae in ‘BangBang’ merges with bursts of ska showing off Eljuri’s guitar prowess, accompanied by classic Jamaican bass and percussive styling by Tracy Wormworth and Alex Alexander.

Born in Ecuador, raised in NYC, Eljuri is touted as one of the top Latina guitarists in the world and has been a member of the Gibson family of guitarists since 2008. Eljuri navigates through musical landscapes ranging from rock, funk, bolero, reggae, and Afro-Cuban rhythms, all presented with an elegant and empowered female voice. She tours internationally as a power trio, performing her infectious grooves, spreading her uplifting message, and affecting positive social change.

BangBang: Stop and Listen. Spread the Word! #GunsDown #LaLucha


Eljuri - BangBang - Original Mix 10A - 140 Pop Vocal

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