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Emanuele Chiesa DJ ft Yuawi - Movimiento Naranja - Viva Recs (Latin Pop)



UBER CONTAGIOUS SUMMER HIT LIKE "The Ketchup Song" from 2002 - this "Movimiento Naranja" (translated as Orange Movement) by Emanuele Chiesa DJ ft Yuawi is a pure hit with 55 MILLION views on just one YouTube URL. This song is going to slow cook all summer until the airwaves are literally Orange. Kings gives it a royal seal of appeal. WAVS included.

Press release:

Here is a song candidate to become a hit of summer 2018, MOVIMIENTO NARANJA the new song of the DJ Producer EMANUELE CHIESA, realized in collaboration with Yuawi, a Mexican child. This song with a simple melody, makes you sing and dance from its first notes, is a viral success that in Latin America has already exceeded 100 million views, now for the first time exclusively in Europe.

It is a summer chorus that enhances the voice of the solo child and also the children's chorus that accompanies it.The message contained in the text is very strong, where the children say: “Orange Movement. The future is in your hands. We are free children, convinced that everything is possible. We are free as the wind, like the eagle that is always move on. We are those people who change the history.

This cry rebellion, which starts from children who wish to take their future into their own hands, to have the freedom to realize themselves and to make the world in which they live better, give a strong ethical connotation to this beautiful world. From the last week in the digital stores. A lyrics video and a club version are available and ready to make dance all guys on all dance floors.

Emanuele Chiesa DJ ft Yuawi - Movimiento Naranja 
(Club Mix 9A - 115 Latin Pop
Emanuele Chiesa DJ ft Yuawi - Movimiento Naranja 
(Ext Version 9A - 115 Latin Pop
Emanuele Chiesa DJ ft Yuawi - Movimiento Naranja 
(Radio Version 9A - 115 Latin Pop


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