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Emma Shapplin - Casta Diva - Freaktone Records-Go (House-Deep House-Piano House)



Produced by those much the much loved and Best International Dance Producer Award winning Soulshaker, this release is something very different indeed and fuses Soulshaker's usual slick house music production with some instantly recognisable classic opera aria's, which have been recorded by one of the hottest opera stars of the last twenty years in the Internationally acclaimed and super gorgeous, multi platinum selling, soprano artist ‘Emma Shapplin'.

The remixes come courtesy of the Go Music Solutions / Audiofreaks family, in the shape of the now Sony/Relentless signed Dasco, mindblowingly talented new name ferKKo, and one of the hottest names of the last two years in So Cool Network. Whether you're looking for that peak time hands in the air banger, or that classy deep house moment, we have a mix here to suit, and all certain to work your crowd. Already having support flying in from the likes of Sergio Matina, Miss Nine, Gareth Emery, Above & Beyond, Niki Belucci, and Marco Carola.

Emma Shapplin, International touring neoclassical artist, author, composer, and producer, started her music career in classical music but then moved to hard rock. When she was 18, she decided to return to take classical lessons so as to improve her singing technique. She discovered that although rock had given her more artistic freedom and hedonistic lifestyle than classical music, it was still not enough for her, so she decided to create her own style. This became a combination of early opera, modern trance and pop music where in each of these aforementioned genres she has enjoyed huge International success.

Emma Shapplin - Casta Diva 
(DASCO Remix) - 1A - 120 - House

Emma Shapplin - Casta Diva 
(ferKKo Remix) - 7A - 123 - Deep House

Emma Shapplin - Casta Diva 
(So Cool Network Remix) - 7A - 126 - Club House

Emma Shapplin - Casta Diva 
(Soulshaker Original Club Mix) - 8A - 120 - Piano House

Emma Shapplin - Casta Diva 
(Soulshaker Original Radio Edit) - 8A - 120 - Piano House



Emma Shapplin - Casta Diva (DASCO Remix 1A 120 House

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