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Eric Penn - Safer Than Sorry & Sinking Sand (Good Noon Recs) Nu Soul, R&B



NEW SOUL - R & B - GREAT LYRICIST Two Soul beauties from Eric Penn, "Safe Than Sorry" and "Sinking Sand". Both songs put the brakes on time turning as they pull you into their cosmic ether lyrically "when the blind lead the blind, the best view is from behind". The "Safe Than Sorry" song considers keeping a wonderful friendship simmering sweetly rather than turning the heart up and potentially boiling away the good place the relationship vibrates in but what if, but no, too much to lose in its glowing groove.

More please Eric Penn, your work reminds me of Donny Hathaway's earnest soul songs. Digging "Mahogany Skies" on Spotify too...

Press release - Eric Penn is slated to release Safe Than Sorry, the second single from his upcoming project that can be expected sometime in the near future. As expected from a penner of Eric’s caliber, he offers an intricate perspective on a relational circumstance that many have experienced in one way or another.

Time and time again, close friends of the opposite sex tend to develop an intimate attraction with each other over time; and Eric shares a personal familiarity with this common situation. When asked how the writing process for this song came about, he had this to say: “Man, it was weird. The words literally just bled out of me once I heard the music, probably because it’s a situation that is so real to me.

My closest friends growing up were beautiful women that knew everything about me. Things get muddy when you mix different types of feelings and attractions.”

Ultimately, Safe Than Sorry is a song about not being willing to jeopardize losing a great platonic friendship by entertaining the thought of taking that respective friendship further.

There’s always the chance that a close friendship could turn into a dreamy romance; and quite honestly, the two people would never know until they tried it. But, on Safe Than Sorry, Eric isn’t willing to risk it.

Eric Penn is a Harlem based singer and songwriter. Having been writing music since he was a young kid, it is apparent through his music that he takes pride in his pen. His gift of gab is coincided with a delightful singing voice that has impressive range. Eric’s high work ethic goes without question; though he had always admitted to his musical acumen being natural, always acknowledging that his abilities come from somewhere way greater than him.


While Eric has always been known to be more reserved in personality and his approach to making music, the birth of his daughter created a fresh sense of urgency. Inevitably, becoming a father has been the biggest turning point in his life to date.

All things considered; Eric has a newfound joy in the simplicities that life provides. Needless to say, this joy has proven to only enhance his musical outputs. His latest single Sinking Sand has amassed a significant amount of traction, having been been featured on many major publications and playlists amongst a plethora of platforms.

With the release of an upcoming project, Eric is preparing to fill a void that music – specifically R&B/Soul – has been missing.

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Eric Penn - Safe Than Sorry - 12A - 85bpm (New Soul-RnB)

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