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Flori Mumajesi ft Bruno-Klajdi-Dj Vicky - Karma - Threedots Prods Latin Pop

Tracks 29.10.2017 Latin Pop, Tropical Club


Latin Pop - Tropical Club - The brand new single from Flori Mumajesi is called 'Karma' and is out now on Threedots productions. The video for 'Karma' has already achieved in excess of 14.0 million worldwide views and is following in the footsteps of the global smash 'Despacito'. Out on release now..

Flori Mumajesi started his career as a soloist singer of the group called 'The Dreams'. 

'The Dreams' have performed live on Albanian television show Top Fest, now the Top Music Awards show in Albania and at 'Kenga Magjike' one of the most famous festivals in Albania, which led to rising followers and regular airplay on local and National Radio.

The first solo album from 'Flori Mumajesi' was produced by his production team from 'The Dreams' and was called 'Forever' selling 700.000 copies.

The second album from 'Flori Mumajesi' was entitled 'Detajâ' which sold around 1,500.000 copies in Albania, Kosovo and Macedoni out of a population of 3 million people. 

The Albanian National Football team working alongside the major company 'Digitalb' sponsored Flori Mumajesi and Elvana Gjata and they recorded the huge song 'Kuq e Zi' which was produced by Flori Mumajesi. 

This sponsorship lead to the song becoming an anthem for the fans and 'National Albanian Football team' with the majority of Albanian's now knowing the words to the song and identifying themselves by it. 

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Flori Mumajesi ft. Bruno-Klajdi-Dj Vicky- Karma 11A 90 Tropical Club-RnB

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