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Frame EP - Blvck Money (Rap, Drill, Uk Afro, HipHop) Horus Music


Rap, Drill, Uk Afro, HipHop - AresAduu, Demz, Penta, Tiny, Titus, Young $, BLU3 deliver their FRAME EP for the Leicester (UK) based Blvckmoney Music label with 10 tracks including the five featured "Days", "3Words", "Truth Be Told", "Let's Start" and "Esta Bueno". This mixtape was produced by Felipe Blakseed and inspired by wu-tang clan, So solid, Dreamville and Top Dawg Entertainment. Released by Horus Music distribution. Out on Apple Music and Spotify now..

Trippy x Ares x Penta - Days - 7A - 97 Lounge Rap

Titus x AresAdu x Young $ - 3Words - 4A - 106 Rap (Explicit)

Titus x AresAdu - Truth Be Told - 4A - 106 Rap

Penta x BLU3 - Let's Start - 6A - 92 Soulful RnB

Penta x AresAdu - Esta Bueno - 4A - 103 Latin Rap


Young $ is a talented, young, upcoming artist and part of the Blvckmoney Music label. Young $ focuses on different genres, mainly hip hop, R&B, drill, and alternative jazz

Titus, the rising superstar is waiting to drop his E.p later on this year,

Tiny, 2023 the rising superstar is waiting to drop his E.p later on this year,

Penta, Spanish speaking, the artist's goal is to have Spanish language music achieve mainstream popularity throughout the UK and eventually, globally.

Demz also featured in the Yaga Yeet remix with an exclusive verse.

BLU3, is a very diverse artist who likes to explore a variety of music genres.

AresAduu, last year he released his mind blowing single Yaga Yeet, part of a collective E.P Foundation by Blvckmoney Music label.

"Frame" is the second studio recording project, continuing the blueprint by releasing collective projects to solidify the label and the artist's foundation into a thriving, growing music industry, within the UK. The aim of the project is to showcase Blvckmoney music, the artist's and their talent, make a stamp in the music industry and create good creditable music for the fans.

TIKTOK- BlvckmoneyMusic

Blvckmoney Music is a record label based in Leicester. Teamwork makes the dream work.


Trippy x Ares x Penta - Days - 7A - 97 Lounge Rap

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