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Gabriel Cancela - Into You (Yellow Rhinestone) Latin Pop



LATIN POP - Gabriel Cancela releases his New hit single *Into You* this 16th of August 2019. To many for his appearance on Swedish Idol in 2017, Cancela brings his take on modern Latin-Pop with an abundance of passion and proficiency. An intimate songwriter’s ballad and full-blown club banger that stands out above the rest of the Latin-Pop crowd. Ricky Martin would be incredibly proud..

Gabriel Cancela - Into You - 5B - 107- Latin Pop

Gabriel Cancela is a 26 years old Swedish artist, mostly known as Idol-Gabriel. He participated in Swedish Idol 2017 where he went from nowhere to ending up on an honorable third place in the competition after Swedish artists Chris Kläfford and Hanna Ferm. With an enormous talent and humility combined with a charming smile and glittering eyes, he walked through the box and straight into the hearts of the Swedish people. Gabriel conquered the title as Idol's Latin king.

Gabriel Cancela had basically just been singing in the shower and in the car when he decided to take a singing lesson. Without his knowledge, the song pedagogue hinted 'Swedish Idol' production about the 26-year-old talent from Sweden.
I received an email stating that they heard that I am good at singing. So, we started emailing and I had to come to a pre-audition, Gabriel Cancela says.

I have not believed in myself before as a performer and i have not believed in people when they have said that I sing well. It's all about daring to risk something, you must dare to take chances to get somewhere. It would have been hard if I had gone out trying when I was younger but now, I have come quite far, so it really feels like I made the right decision.

Gabriels vision is to inspire the world through his voice and spreading love by taking his Latin "hips" to the next level. It is time for him to let out his Latin Heart and let the world enjoy his music.

The new single *Into You* will spin on all radio stations around the world and on the dance floors. With its modern Latin pop vibe, leaving no one unaffected.

Released worldwide the 16th of August 2019

Gabriel Cancela "Into You" live on Spotify


Gabriel Cancela - Into You (5B - 107 Latin Pop

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