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Gina Carey - Kissed by The Sun - Gico Music (Soul)

Tracks 23.10.2017 #R-n-B, #SOUL, KINGS COOL CUT


SOUL - R & B - Kings very own Queen Of Soul, Gina Carey delivers a poignant, deeply affecting song with one of her best performances as she richly matures into the amazing artist breathing inside her soul. "Kissed By The Sun" and the music Gods too. Let her voice wash over your spirit and feel her truth. Bless you Gina Carey.

From Gina - "This song is near and dear to my heart. It's a song that deals with the inequitably within our world and how people who are different than another are sometimes treated. (Kissed by the Sun) are people who are treated less then because someone else deems themselves to be Superior to them. Hopefully this song will reminds us of the great words of Martin Luther King. If this nation is to be great again we must make it priority to treat all men equal and most of all the answer to making our world better is to love one another."

Gina Carey - Kissed by The Sun  8A  90 Soul-RnB

Release Date: Nov. 1, 2017

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Song Title: Kissed by The Sun
Artist Name: Gina Carey
Label: Gico Music
Published by : Gico Music (BMI) (C) 2017
Songwriter: Gina Carey
Produced by: Gina Carey
Mixed by: Gina Carey
Guitar: John Carey

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Gina Carey - Kissed by The Sun 8A 90 Soul-RnB

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