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Giorgio Moroder - E=MC2 (1979 Disco Purrfection Version) Electro Pop Dance



ELECTRO POP DANCE - DISCO PURRFECTION VERSION - MP# & WAV - Montreal's DJ DiscoCat gets his paws on the 1979 classic "E=MC2" by Giorgio Moroder creating his special brand of an extended Purrfection version to feast on.

Giorgio Moroder - E=MC2 (1979 Disco Purrfection Version - 5A - 121) Electro Pop.mp3

Giorgio Moroder - E=MC2 (1979 Disco Purrfection Version - 5A - 121) Electro Pop.wav

E=MC2. Music programmed as burst of energy. Energy coded numerically to micro-computers. Recorded by digital process and edited by computer. Energy is once again reproduced as music. Without distortion and noise. Approaching pure sound" says the liner notes on his landmark 1979 LP.

After Giorgio Moroder learned to harness the synthesizers to conquer pop music and gave us Donna Summer's "I Feel Love", he thrust us further into the future with his own offering "From Here To Eternity" in 1977 that again redefined the electronic dance music genre that was rapidly gaining popularity in the disco clubs. In 1978 he released a album entitled "Giorgio & Chris" and promoted the single "Love Now Hurt Later".

"Chase" from the film "Midnight Express" in the spring of 1979 was his last disco chart appearance until 1984. His last album of the 70's was 1979's "E=MC2" a "digital technology and human creativity merge in live concert." It was the first live to digital album in history. It's time to pay tribute to the master with one of his lesser played songs. Keith "Foot" Forsey kept the beat goin' and his performance was recorded live to digital.

I really enjoyed reacquainting myself with this one to create a journey through his performance of "E=MC2" focusing more on the grooviness of this one. I hope you enjoy the trip! Giorgio's vocoderized voice reads out the album credits at the very end.

When the album first came out I picked it up at the record store that serviced the dj's and recognized "Baby Blue", "What A Night", "I Wanna Rock You" and "E=MC2". I got the opportunity to remix this one and its a long trippy trip from 1979.


Giorgio Moroder - E=MC2 (1979 Disco Purrfection Version - 5A - 121) Electro Pop

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