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Harvey Coates - Obsession - Record Union (Club House-Lounge House)

Tracks 29.08.2018 #CLUB_HOUSE, Lounge House


CLUB HOUSE - LOUNGE HOUSE - Harvey Coates was initially known online for a plethora of remixes and original songs including remixes of "Leave" by Post Malone and "All Stars" by Martin Solveig. Harvey describes his brand new single "Obsession" best "the song Obsession was inspired by my time on holiday, the beaches, the sun and the waves. This influenced the laid back, the atmospheric nature of the song, as well as the use of more ‘tropical’ instruments like the bongo drum". The brand new single from Harvey Coates is entitled "Obsession" and is out now from all good digital stores. Recommended as a sweet Lounge House track by Kings.

Harvey Coates - Obsession - 11A - 119 Club House

Harvey Coates, a songwriter, artist and producer based in Bristol, UK writes, records and produces his own material and plays guitar on 'Obsession' describing the creative process as "All my projects start with messing around on a guitar despite the end product being overall electronic, with little or no guitar or live instruments. I use Ableton Live and Pro Tools and enjoy using the Ableton instrument packs that feature more exotic and foreign instruments, such as the bongos in Obsession".

Harvey had his first breakthrough at the age of 17 with his song 'Those Days' being picked up and subsequently released by Dutch Dance label Wolfrage Recordings who have had support from Afrojack and Tiesto. His musical influences include Sigala, Philip George, Robin Schulz, Duke Dumont and MK amongst others.

Talking about his start in the music business he says "I wouldn’t say there was an exact moment when I thought music was my future, it more occurred over a period of 2-3 years starting when I was about 14. At this time, I had started to make small remixes on GarageBand and the Music Tech teacher at my school was very encouraging to me and recommended I got proper software.

By the time I turned 16, I had started to use my brothers copy of Ableton Live, and I was constantly making small projects, largely messing around and seeing what I could do as well as trying to teach myself how to get the most out of the software. I started to work on my first single ‘Those Days’ just after I turned 16, and when I started it I had no intention or even belief that it would get released. I continually revisited it over the next 18 months and started to send it to various record labels, mostly hoping to get some feedback rather than a release or a deal.

Much to my surprise, Wolfrage Recordings got back to me and said they wanted to release it, and nearly two years after I started the project "Those Days" was released on the 5th Nov 2017 a month before my 18th birthday".

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Harvey Coates - Obsession - 11A - 119 Club House-Lounge House

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