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Heather M feat Leah Delgado - Your Not Alone - Crowd Records

TRACKS (New) House (Electro House), Progressive House

"Features the brilliant Aiden Jude Remix, full powered Progressive House" - KINGS of Spins

"'Wanna Have Fun' is a sparkling, multi-layered melodic dance track that begins with MayK's raspy, sultry vocals." - VICE THUMP

"Heather M, one of New York City's top rising female DJs, gives her track an addictive bouncy beat that Ferinni takes and adds a bit of a techier vibe and more agressive build up to."- ONLY THE BEAT

About Heather M: Respected as one of NYC's rising players, Heather M is becoming a staple in the underground and everyday nightlife scenes, working with well-known promoters around the globe. Always pumping energy into the crowd at live events, keeping her dance card full, when she is not in the club performing she's buzzing in the studio working on her original productions. HEATHER M has been working closely with Crowd records, getting ready to release a series of house tracks into early next year. Following up from her recent summer club hit,"WANNA HAVE FUN", is the new single "You're Not Alone". A fan of New York tribal house music, this tune has nothing short of sick heavy baselines and a funky drum beat that will have lots of booty shaken, even before the drop. Vocals have a punchy bluesy sound by "Sophia Urista", a famed blue's singer in NYC. This is the kind of track that really get's in to your soul, gets your day started, will make you want to keep your hands in the air. Heather M can be heard at her new residency in the Maldives at the W!Hotel for six months starting January 2015.


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