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Hersh White - Today Is Our Day - Soul Ballad

Tracks 17.03.2019 **FREE TO BROADCAST**, **GOING FOR AIRPLAY**, Pop Soul


SOUL BALLAD FROM CALIFORNIAN ARTIST HERSH WHITE - A new single that moves the soul and just down right makes you feel good. “Today Is Our Day”, is the perfect love letter written in song! Will you make “Today Is Our Day” your new Love Anthem?

Music’s sole purpose is to move you mentally, physically, and or emotionally. It should resonate deep within your soul. Bringing to life, passion, beliefs, courage, inspiration, thrill, excitement, and romance. Taking each exuberant listener on a journey filled with emotion, heart pounding beats, musical melodies, contagious hooks, and harmonious vocal arrangements. Well Imagine that!

Allow me to introduce to you, Hersh White. An emerging artist from California, debuting the new Love Anthem for 2019. A World Premier for every occasion with the ability to woo fans in multiple demographics and of all ages. Whether it’s R&B, Pop, Urban or Neo Soul; “Today Is Our Day”, is the perfect love letter written in song!

Strings upon strings played note by note, complimenting percussions, base, chords and melody, are all brought to life by the signature style, sound, and imagination of Derek D.O.A. Allen. We all know it’s hard to eat oven fresh bread without a smooth creamy layer of butter. That’s where Hersh White comes in. Velvet tones, rich and inviting, layered with brown sugar and it’s only the first verse.

This record is acoustically and vocally pleasing. Nothing but love, finesse, purpose, and defining moments went into the production by multi-platinum legendary producer Derek D.O.A. Allen, with credits dating back; and not limited to: Bobby Brown, Janet Jackson, Tyrese, Karyn White, Wayman Tisdale, Joe, Smokie Norful, Keith Sweat, Donald Lawrence, Lionel Richie, and currently working on the next Kem project.

Hersh’s vocal capacity to sing over the top of this groove, lures you in and will have you hanging on to every note. He sings effortlessly with control and when the moment is right, delivers on the progressions. Imagining the Late Luther Vandross and Gerald Levert doing a duet bringing that power and sensitivity all in the same song. The style, swag, and approach he brings to the record make him a force to be reckoned with.


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Hersh White - Today Is Our Day (Extended Mix 8B - 65 - Pop

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