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HIFI Sean ft Crystal Waters - Testify - Defected (Club Hse)

TRACKS (New) Billboard Chart Track, Club House, RECOMMENDED



For your shows this important week "Testify" from HIFI Sean with the amazing Crystal Waters. Currently sitting at #5, it would be great to see Crystal back on the summit of the US dance charts again, what an incredible career she has given us all. Excellent work from HIFI Sean. Released by DEFECTED RECORDS AND ROYALLY RECOMMENDED BY KINGS

Part gospel anthem, part joyful house workout, ‘Testify’ is one of those once-in-a-blue-moon moments, a perfectly formed song with a heart that reaches out to move you. House icon Crystal Waters is resplendent, her voice in its element alongside the uplifting piano bridge and soul clap. Hifi Sean’s production ties together elements of gospel, soul and house for a truly special record with an undeniably catchy chorus that gets better with every listen.

Originally released in November 2016 on Sean’s own imprint Plastique Recordings, ‘Testify’ has grown and hooked fans organically, making the playlist at BBC Radio 2 and taking on a life of its own. Keen to maintain the DIY appeal and keep it independent, Sean has now signed it over to Defected, who are thrilled to be able to offer the record the kind of lifetime it deserves.

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