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Hillberg & D-Tex - Munich Disco (Remixes) Fire Music Recs 48 (Tech House Disco)

Tracks 03.06.2019 #AIFs + MP3s, #FUTURE DISCO, #TECH CLUB, **FREE TO BROADCAST**


TECH HOUSE DISCO - FUTURE DISCO - MP3 + AIFs. Hillberg and D-Tex, (aka the Real Giorgio and the real Donna´s) musical tribute to Giorgio´s first musical home "Munich Disco“ have rebuilt four remixes coming out in 2 parts. Part One presents a rework by Hillberg (aka Giorgio himself) and Tyrol´s House and Cosmic legend Waz Experience & Mr. Kju.

Munich Disco (Hillberg – Giorgio Rides the Munich Machine Remix) boasts a wonderful musical tribute to all the decades from Munich´s Disco-scene to the era of Rave music.

Munich Disco (Waz Experience & Mr. Kju Remix) creates his "Italo“ Disco-swing back to life – with all their Juno Pads-sounds and sizzling sequencers.

Nobody understands "Giorgio“ better than a boy from around Giorgio´s neighbourhood.

Hillberg and D-Tex - Munich Disco
Mr. Kju and The Waz Exp Remix 3A - 124 Tech House Disco

Hillberg and D-Tex - Munich Disco
Giorgio Goes 2 DJ in Hell Rmx 3A - 126 Future Disco


May 31st. Available on all major download portals

(Distributed via feiyr)

Hillberg & D-Tex live on Spotify


Hillberg and D-Tex - Munich Disco (Mr. Kju and The Waz Exp Remix 3A - 124 Tech House Disco.

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