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Joe Bourdet - Seamist EP - Californian Chilled Rock

Tracks 28.01.2019


ACOUSTIC SONGS - CALIFORNIAN CHILLED ROCK - Five blissfully created songs from Californian singer-songwriter Joe Bourdet whose delivery harks of the halcyon days when songs raised people's consciousness changing the world with the power of love, music and purpose like Crosby, Stills, Young & Nash. Fittingly there is a Neil Young cover of "Old Man" to compliment the set. We are loving "Seamist" here in the office, especially under the Californian blue skies.

Joe Bourdet - Seamist - Acoustic Song
Joe Bourdet - El Capitan - Acoustic Song
Joe Bourdet - Old Man - Acoustic Cover Song
Joe Bourdet - Rough And Ready - Acoustic Song
Joe Bourdet - Songbird - Acoustic Song

Shindig Single Review
The debut solo release from LA singer-songwriter Joe Bourdet has got to qualify as one of the most chilled things not actually served over ice. Released as two digital singles and one physical double A-side, ‘Seamist’ and ‘El Capitan’ are both gems. With Bourdet’s honeyed croon (think somewhere between James Taylor and David Gates) sailing in on a stream of glistening acoustics and keening pedal steel, they’re a pair of lovingly-crafted mid-tempo soft-rock tunes that could come straight out of Lauren Canyon circa 1971. It’s hard to pick a favourite when you get music as beautifully realised as this, but the wistful ‘Seamist’ might just edge it over the mellow Harvest chug of ‘El Capitan’. It’s a hoary old cliché to describe music as having a “laid-back California vibe” but this is the real deal. So if the patched jeans fit… Martin Ruddock

Announcing a Debut Record on 45 rpm Vinyl and Digital Download
January 2019, the debut recording of Joe Bourdet, the single ‘Seamist’ and it’s flip side ‘El Capitan,’ will be released on limited run 7” vinyl and digitally worldwide. A music video by director Chris Rady will accompany the release. Pappy and Harriet’s, the storied roadhouse venue near Joshua Tree National Park will host a release show and party that evening.

Musician Joe Bourdet is operating somewhere within the definition of a California singer-songwriter and one gets the impression that it’s comfortable territory for the golden state native.

The music of his debut release reveal first loping, then driving acoustic guitars, delicate harmony vocals cascading into intertwining slide guitar lines and all laid out in a bed of tastefully executed rhythms and textures (the sublime George Sluppick of Memphis TN is on drum duties here). Lyrical themes involve pastoral imagery, betraying a love for California’s Sierra Nevada range. They also contain a subtle existential subtext, as if the music presented is that of a seeker, one perceiving beauty, reaching for something that can't be fully articulated or understood.

Also a producer and engineer, Joe Bourdet is responsible for much of the production duties on his records supplemented by long time collaborator, producer/engineer/guitarist Jason Soda. 
Joe Bourdet is from Nevada City, CA. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. His credits include two full-length albums with the band Whispering Pines, an album with the band Painted Hills led by the late great Josh Schwartz, and an early stint as guitarist for artist/ producer Jonathan Wilson. His works as a composer include the musical soundtracks for the films #Find_Away: Episode 1 - The Northern Sky for Patagonia and Fishing for Unicorns.

Additionally, his music has appeared in the TV series Dusk Till Dawn, Damages, Franklin and Bash, and a documentary about the legendary venue Pappy and Harriet’s, The Pioneertown Palace.



Joe Bourdet - El Capitan - Acoustic Song

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