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Jraffe - California - NHMM (Piano House-Future House)

Tracks 03.12.2018 Club Dance, Future House, KINGS RECOMMENDED, Piano House


FUTURE HOUSE - CLUB DANCE - FUTURE HOUSE - Perfect pop from the "California" indeed by Jraffe "She just like California, she got a body like she just out the sauna" on NHMM LLC with 3 mixes including the Original, the Gawler Remix and the John Christian Remix - all totally infectious with that HUGE chorus hook bouncing out of the speakers. Get with :-)

JRAFFE - California (Original Mix - 10A - 114 Club Dance 
JRAFFE - California (Gawler Remix) 10A - 126 Piano House
JRAFFE - California (John Christian Remix) 9a - 126 Future House

Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Traxsource etc, 8/31/2018



JRAFFE - California (Orignal Mix - 10A - 114 Club Dance

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