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Julius the Mad Thinker - Perspective(Album Promo) ATTS (House-Tech Hse-Deep Hse)

Tracks 05.08.2017 #HOUSE, #TECH HOUSE, Cosmic House, Essential Album, Latin Club, Latin House



Julius the Mad Thinker and Pleasure Prince, plus their exceptionally special guests, Russoul, Emmaculate, Shebazz Curtis, Kaye Fox and Ari deliver an album from Chicago that is addictive listening as a journey into a creative pathway of 2017 music. A rare thing these days. The "Moments" song running at 5:31mins is very reminiscent of a Stevie Wonder type of production from his genius "Songs In The Key Of Life" album, like "Love's In Need Of Love Today", not because it copies, samples or impersonates in anyway but the strings into image-painting multi-layered vocals, led by an earnest lead voice would be something Stevie would be proud of and shows the depth of new Illinois artist JtMT.

The more groove orientated songs for your shows include the Deep House vocal of "Fearless", the Tech House "Life Line" as featured in the video, the instrumental Piano Tech House "Heaven", the disco-bassline grooved "Break Away" with Emmaculate, Sherbazz Curtis and Kaye Fox, such an exuberante funky floor favourite. The combo of Julius the Mad Thinker-Pleasure Prince and Russoul delivers a smooth Latin 122bpm Lounge style 8 minutes creation with "So Bright".

As soon as we heard a preview of this album we knew is was an essential one for the Kings, you guys. Enjoy and look forward to the second instalment next week.

Released by the superb Aid to the Soulless music label.

BIO - Julius the Mad Thinker is a dynamic producer and must- see international DJ talent. Since the age of 17, Julius has worn many hats while distinguishing himself in the dance music industry. He is a true visionary with infectious energy and amazing music. His reputation for uniting music communities and launching premiere DJ music events has attracted worldwide acceptance and respect. Julius’ most recent production to gain international awareness is Mi Casa Holiday (MCH).

In 2009, Julius and business partner Jenn Hurst bridged DJ entertainment with unique travel concepts to co-found and form MCH (Mi Casa Holiday - In 2012, MCH achieved sold-out status. Approaching it's 9th season, MCH is THE destination event of choice for international travel, leisure, and music enthusiasts in the know. With much excitement in the media for Julius' debut album "Perspective", and be ready to experience the next wave of JtMT!

Julius the Mad Thinker-Emmaculate-Shebazz Curtis ft. Kaye Fox - 
Break Away (Ext 4A 126 Funky Club House

Julius the Mad Thinker-Pleasure Prince - 
Heaven (Album Mix 5A 123 Piano House

Julius the Mad Thinker-Pleasure Prince - 
Life Line (Ext Album Mix 4A 123 Tech House

Julius the Mad Thinker-Pleasure Prince ft. Russoul - 
Fearless (Ext Album Mix 8B 124 Cosmic House

Julius the Mad Thinker-Pleasure Prince ft. Russoul - 
So Bright (Ext Album Mix 2A 122 Latin Club

Julius the Mad Thinker-Pleasure Prince Ft. Russoul - 
Moments (Album Mix 9A 62 Vocal and strings


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Julius the Mad Thinker

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Julius the Mad Thinker-Emmaculate-Shebazz Curtis ft. Kaye Fox - Break Away (Ext 4A 126 Funky Club House

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